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If your specific problem or issue isn't listed below, why not contact us to see
if we can help. We are always happy to assist.

Virus removal
Should you become unfortunate to contract a virus on you PC we can remove
the virus and help prevent any further infections.

PC Tune up
Is your PC running a little slow? We can give your computer an overhaul and
show you how to do it too, so that next time you can do it yourself.

Re-install of windows
If your PC system becomes unstable or stops working altogether, it may be
that your computer just needs a re-installation of your Windows operating
system. This service normally takes a couple of hours. We can therefore
either perform the installation at your home or take your PC away and
return it completed.

Following the re-installation of Windows, we will also install the software
drivers for your printer, digital camera and any other peripherals.
Please note - for a complete re-install you will need the system restart disc
supplied with your computer and the licence code sticker on your computer.
This is usually situated on the rear of a desktop PC or underneath on a laptop.

** We do not install pirated copies of Windows Operating systems. Software
piracy is a crime. For further details please see FAST

Software install
We can install and configure new software for you.

PC Security
Your online security is vitally important. We can ensure your computer is secure
by ensuring your firewall is installed and configured correctly. We can also check
your Wi-Fi security is configured to give you optimum security.

Data wiping
Are you thinking of selling your PC? Whilst you may get slightly more money
for your old computer with an operating system installed, your personal
information can still be stored deep within the Windows registry and can be
retrieved easily with a little knowledge.

For peace of mind, we can securely wipe your computer so that no information
can be retrieved.

In addition, why not have your Windows operating system re-installed after
the data wipe!

PC Backup
Do you store all of your personal files, photos and music on your PC? If you
donít backup your files and your hard drive fails, you could lose all your files!

We can backup your system for you onto DVD/CD discs, USB storage devices
or onto an online storage site.

All files are virus checked too!

Hardware support
If you have just purchased or thinking of purchasing a new printer, scanner,
digital camera, Ipod or broadband internet, we can help you install and set it up.

Hardware upgrade
We can help you upgrade your PC whether itís a new DVD re-writer, memory
or hard drive storage.

Wi-Fi setup
The installation disc supplied with broadband routers always makes it sound
so easy to setup. But for peace of mind and security why not have your
broadband setup correctly so that others canít access your Wi-Fi connection
or computer.

We can also help setup your Playstation3 or Wii to your Wi-Fi connection.

PC Setup
Have you, a family member or a friend recently purchased a new computer and
need help setting it up? We can help you physically setup your computer and help
you through the first stages of setting up and logging onto Windows.

Web design
If youíre thinking of having a website, whether a business or personal site, why
not give us a call. We can help you purchase your website name, design, and
setup your website.

If you already have a website and want it revamped or completely redesigned,
why not give us a call to arrange a consultation and quote.

Website support
We can monitor your websites performance, tweak search engine result settings
and make small amendments to your website when needed. We will also provide
either monthly, quarterly or bi-annual statistics showing visitor information to your

Home visits
For as little as £20.00, we can visit your home to resolve a range of problems you
may have with your PC that may not be covered above. We are so confident that
we will be able to help you that if we donít fix your PC, we donít charge!

With complex or time consuming problems, it may be necessary to take your PC
away to fix off site and deliver it back at your convenience.