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Is your home PC running slowly, do pop-ups randomly appear on your screen
without warning, are unexplained programs running on your PC or are you
worried your computer is infected with a computer virus, adware or
spyware. Then Simply PC Support can help! Keep control of your computer,
ensure you are safe whilst online and protect yourself against those horrible
viruses that can infect your pc when you least expect it.

We offer a wide range of support services, so you can have complete peace of
mind that everything possible will be done to keep your computer running as
smoothly as possible.

For your convenience we visit your home. If you have asked us to fix your
computer and it is more convenient for you or going to be a time consuming
repair, then we can take your computer away and return it when fixed.

In brief these services include:

   Troubleshooting & Repairs
   Virus Detection, Removal & Protection
   Upgrades - from cables to computers
   Software Installation & Setup
   New PC Setup
   Preventative Maintenance
   Broadband & Wifi Installation
   Internet & Firewall
   Data Backup & Recovery
   Hardware Recommendation & Supply

Does your computer seem slower than usual? Does the internet seem to take
forever to load websites? Do applications take ages to load? Can't run the
latest software? Or perhaps you are simply running out of storage space?

We can help speed up your computer or advise on upgrading some of it's

Software Installation & Set-up
Are you looking to buy some new software but not sure how to install it. If you
need help installing or configuring your new software, we can help.

New PC Set-up
Have you, a friend or family member just bought a shiny new PC and don't
know where to start? Why not call us now on 0759 899 0142 or contact us via
our online page to request a visit and we'll set everything up for you and give
you a personal guided tour.

If you're new to computing altogether, not only will we get you up on your feet
as soon as possible, but also give you a no-nonsense explanation
and demonstration so you can continue with the up keeping of your computer.

We are a small, local business able to give you a more personal service. We
are situated in Halesowen but cover most of the West Midlands and Black
Country area and will travel to you depending on where you are.

We also design and manufacture web sites - please view the Web Design
page or contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are able to offer highly competitive prices. We have a clear pricing scheme
so why not take a look at our pricing page.